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Nov 6, 2006
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Light makeup for going to walmart to get hair dye but ended up not getting it. IM going to go to some beauty store to see if they have a better plum hair dye. This is just club & shroom and it doesnt even look like club. I figure just something really light looking like almost nothing since ive been in a makeup slum. Again!






100_6466.jpg used both colors and then blended it? i like that look it's natural yet still glam...with falsies and a curly 'do you'd have the vintage look down pat

...anyway here's my pics




i put shroom all over my eye then added club to the crease. i thought about curling my hair but it takes almost 2 hours. & I plan to get a cheap pair of falsies to pratice on, i suck at them right now.

Originally Posted by makeupwhore54 /img/forum/go_quote.gif i put shroom all over my eye then added club to the crease. i thought about curling my hair but it takes almost 2 hours. & I plan to get a cheap pair of falsies to pratice on, i suck at them right now. me too...i'm thinking of going to the salon to get ptofessional eyelash extensions where they apply it one by one
have you tried the babyliss? i use that and my hair only takes 30 minutes to curl

babyliss PRO ...its kinda pricey but you get in hairsalons

i used to use a regular curling iron and it is NOT the same lol

i now understand why people are willing to splurge on these types of things

Wow you must have really light lips because all your lip colors always look stunning!

Everything looks the same, and blah on mine.

Hey people! I'm a little late with this but better late than never.

I was at work (MAC) when I took this on VIVA GLAM Friday. As you can kinda tell I'm wearing my viva glam tshirt and decided to match my eyes with it today even though I was supposed to wear one of the new quads. Ok here we go with what I used:


Base: Tan Ray paint and Bronze CCB

Lid: Passionate e/s(C Shock Collection)

Crease: Sketch e/s

Under Brow: Mylar e/s

Brows: Carbon e/s and Clear Brow set

Liner: Boot Black liquid liner and Engraved (lower)

Lashes: Zoom Lash mascara

Inner Lid: Revved Up pigment (Rushmetal Collection)


Foundation and Powder: NC50 Studio Stick and Blot Powder - Dark

Pink Swoon blush

Bronze CCB highlighter


Cork lipliner

Full for you plushglass

Flusterose lustreglass


Full face pic


Eye Open


Eye Open (Pic sux..I used my phone)

Let me know if you have any q's!

Thanks. I actually put foundation on my lips too to make them lighter, but they are pretty light on there own.

Its Hip percious lipgloss with lil sizzle lipgelee.

Here's my FOTD after a long time LOL I wanted to try my new fndt and l/g, and now that I saw the pics I look very whitish and I think it's because of the SPF in the fndt hehe I'm not that pale.

And I think my eye look didn't look so good after all that reddish brown make me look sick.

So here's what I used :


-Aloe Pura Organic 99.9% Aloe Vera Gel as mu base

-Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC25, all this time i thought I was a NC20 but thanks to a Mac MA that helped she told me that NC25 looks much better, even with my neck wich is always paler than my face!

-Mac Moisturecover concealer NW20

-Clinique loose powder in Transparency #3


-Stila Beachykeen duo both shades , I think it's not so pigmented after all from what i see in the pics

-Mac Glissade MSF on top



-Mac Bare Study Paint Pot all over lids

-Mac Tan pigment all over as a wash

-On the middle of the lids and on browbone a little Mac Naked Lunch e/s

-On crease the gold shade from Milani Autumn Earth Quad

-On outer half the reddish brown shade of the Milani Autumn Earth Quad

-On lower lashlines: inner half: Mac Naked Lunch e/s

outer half: the reddish brown from Milani Autumn quad

and lined on upper lashines with Mac Teddy eye khol.

Lashes: Curled with Shu Uemura lash curler and Stila Major Lash mascara in black

and on brows a browinsh-taupe brow pencil from a greek brand


Mac Synched Up 3Dglass, I absolutely love this l/g!!

here are the pics: