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Nov 6, 2006
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I got a fat face in these pictures lol
Ingore my pimples ew.

Face-Nyc concealer CG Trublend foundation Maybelline Dream mousse bronzer. Mac Northern lights msf.

Lips-Maybelline champagne fizz lipgloss. Maybelline Glisten up lipstick.

Eyes-Mac painterly paint pot. Maybelline Designer chocolates quad. Mac golden lemon pigment. Mac by jupter eyeshadow. Mac blacktrack fluidline. Maybelline xxl mascara & hip mascara.






I especially love the lip stuff you used. Is your hair darker? It looks nice

Thanks girls. Yea it is. I put the wash out hair dye in it. Its suppost to look more plum than what it does though.

Nice natural look, and your hair looks nice too
In the last pic it looks more plum but in the second to last pic it looks quite red.

My e/s blending is off, I need more practice! Also my eyebrows are whack! I need them reshaped.


Bare Minerals SPF15 fair

MAC Gold Spill MSF (This is my most favorite MAC product I think...)


Smashbox jet set duo

MAC Provence pigment

Attachment 35830

Attachment 35831

super gorgeous girls!

makeupwhore, i forgot to ask you, what did you do to your hair? they are so awesome soft and shiny...

Thanks girls.

Um i dont really know why my hair is like i wash it 3-4 times a week, let it air dry unless im going somewhere nice and i only use my flat iron once a week now.


Eyes - Deep Truth e/s (lid), Sushi Flower e/s (bottom of crease), Chrome Yellow e/s (Inner corner of lid), Mylar e/s (under brow)

Boot black liquid liner

Feline liner (Smoke Signals collection)

#7 Lashes with Zoomlash over natural lashes as well as #7's

Face - NC50 Studio Stick Foundation, Dark blot powder to set, Format blush, Bronze CCB as a highlighter

Lips - Cork lipliner, Power Supply plushglass, Pink Meringue lipglass

Here it is with me and my man at the club before I got to dancing and sweating:


This is at the house when I got home and settled:



Let me know if you have any q's


Today is the first cloudy day in a LONG time. I turned off the AC and put on the Juicy Sweatsuit...feels so cozy, and lazy. The hair is just messy today!!

Face: Revlon TM

Cheeks: Anna Sui Face Color 400

Eyes: Lash Stylist...that's it. Oh and a little white liner on inner rims.

Lips: Revlon Gloss


Manders, those are the cutest earrings!! Ughh, even with little makeup you look beautiful!

Everyone looks great today! I like the hair Ashlee!