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Jan 9, 2007
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In my quest for my HG MMU, I've been looking around for a UK based company (I'm impatient, and stuff shipped from the US takes too long! LOL!)

I've recently found these two companies:

Cosmetic Lab


Elemental Beauty

(I love the packaging here!!!)

Anyway, I was wondering whether any of you have tried either of these MMU companies yet?

At present I have found that and are absolutely wonderful, both in their customer service and delivery times. However, I'm still on the hunt for my absolute HG foundation. Both brands do nice foundations, but I feel I can find a better one!

I'll add both links to the MMU brand link sticky...

sorry no, i haven't tried them. i'm really in love with Lily Lolo, have you tried this brand? i think the foundations are awesome !

I haven't tried either but there are a couple of things from Elemental Beauty that look quite nice.

Hello! sorry if i'm repeating any of the shops you mentioned but i can't see links.

i've just ordered a sample from anyone who has tried this? I'll let you know what i think when the sample arrives

Hi Missme,

Barefacedbeauty is great! I like all their stuff! Their brushes are very nice too!

Lilylolo is best for eyeshadows, though!

As for the links, they are the underlined bits in my first post. Click on them, and the website should open up in a new window! xxx.

Quick update: I ordered some samples from Elemental Beauty, so I'll let you all know when I've tried them!

Hey Mimosa,

Thanks for replying (love your name btw). I can't see links because I've not enough posts.. yet. Working for htat however. I'll have a look at Barefacedbeauty's brushes and check out Lilylolo. Let me know what you think of Elemental Beauty.

You said you've tried some American products. Have you tried Elegant Minerals?

I've not tried Elegant Minerals, but I've just ordered some stuff from Aubrey Nicole; will let you know what I think of it when I receive my order!

I also tried some samples from Meow, but found the foundation to be a bit chalky looking on my face... However, many people love their products!


Great! Thanks again : ) I might try Elegant Minerals. Will let you know what I think.

Not exactly UK based, but almost
(in Ireland)

I've tried their foundation, blushes, bronzers, eye shadoes etc, all very nice. And the service is very friendly. Only the lip products are a bit too dry for my taste


Minerals will work 4 u

and the ebay store (cheaper here) :

eBay Store - Minerals Will Work 4 U: Mineral Foundations LIGHT, Samples Sets Refills, MineralFoundations MEDIUM

Hey again,

Okay, now I've tried both barefaced beauty and elegant minerals and I have to say i prefer elegant minerals. the colours suit my skintone better and for some reason the foundation from barefaced beauty made me a bit shiny. unfortunately EM are not uk based so would love to hear from peeps who've tried elemental beauty

I've tried Elemental Beauty, and I love it! It's definitely one of my favourite brands now! Their foundation comes in three different variants, so you can probably find one thats right for you! Their finishing powders are very nice too, and again they have different variants, for matte and dewy effects. I have both, and I like both. I use the matte finishing powder for under my MMU, and the dewy one to finish my look. Makes me look like I have naturally glowy skin!

Their customer service is also very good, and their eyeshadows are pretty and lovely when on!


I might try them. I like the colour of the Lily Lolo one but I find that by lunchtime, my face is shiny as anything and my forehead is oily!! of all things, I have the driest skin ever so usually have the opposite problem!!

Mimosa - how big are the foundations from elemental beauty? I can't see that anywhere on the website..

They come in a glass 30 gram jar, so I would think it's about 10 grams of foundation, like most other brands! Their service is great, so I would suggest sending an email with your question to them as well, you'll get an answer very quickly!


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