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Sep 10, 2012
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I'm having a hard time finding that "holy grail" foundation. I have oily, acne prone skin and large pores. I have tried Smashbox, Lorac, Make Up For Ever HD, Make Up For Ever Mat & Velvet(which was my favorite out of all I have tried, but I still want to see what else is out there), and several drug store brands. I'm tan, so I consider my skin to be a medium to olive tone. A worker at Ulta said I had some pink undertones in my face. I would like a full coverage foundation since I have acne I am trying to cover, but I don't to look cakey. I also find most foundations creasing around my nose, and I always have to apply powder throughout the day to keep my skin from looking oily.

I have a few brands in mind, but I'd love to hear from all of you on what you guys would recommend.

I have oily, sensitive skin and my HG is Revlon PhotoReady. Most of the "big brands" make me itchy or greasy and I haven't had that problem with this stuff.

I'm not a big fan of drug store brands. I've tried that before as well. I called Ulta and they suggested Tarte Amazon Clay, China Doll, and NARS and Dermablend. Have you experimented with any of these?

i've used both tarte and NARS. i prefer the tarte for better coverage but have found that i must use it with a good primer (currently Cover FX anti-acne) and the tarte smooth operator finishing powder.  a little goes a long way so start lightly if you use the tarte.

the NARS was nice with a good matte finish but i found it didn't cover how i prefer.

Many people mistake the natural flush of the cheek for pink, this makes me crazy! very few people have pink under tones, native Americans, some people from India and some of Scottish descent. Most people are beige  or gold beige.

If you liked the Makeup Forever matte velvet try Rimmel stay matte This is the only other one that my mother can wear.

Try a anti shine before the foundation the one I love is by a company from the UK " Professional cosmetics " it's called super matte anti shine, I pick it up at Frends beauty supply in North Hollywood CA. Don't powder too much try Orgins Zero oil with a soft bristle brush on top of your makeup.

All drug store brands are owned by a much larger company's that own many luxury brands, I use product from every where.

Boots Intelligent Balance mousse foundation. I have very oily skin and it's one of the best foundations I've used so far. 

I have seen a lot of ladies asking this question but have you tried to use an oil control toner prior to applying the foundation primer?  I have a difficult time with my skin as well, as I lean more to the oily side than anything else and I have found that this works for me.



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