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Apr 21, 2007
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Do you ladies know of a really good foundation primer? I used a sample of smashbox photo finish, but it was weird. Is there any other ones that are just as good, but perhaps costs a little less? Thanks in advance for all your helps.

monistat anti-chafing gel lmao...i never tried it but there's a sticky up there with girls who say it has worked

i use lorac...but you said your not into pricey so nvm

Lorac? I've heard of that, but where can I get it from? I'm from Canada, I go to US shop every once in a while, so i can get brand that sell only in US, like Laura marcier(sp?) and such. I guess if the quality is that good, i'm willing to spend some money on it. The Smashbox one is not exactly cheap either for 36-40 each .

If you try to do a search, there's a million threads on this already. Smashbox is the top dog around here it seems, and Monistat is the same consistency as it. I prefer Laura Geller Face Spackle, and Laura Mercier is a close second.


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