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Oct 3, 2012
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So, for about a year now I've been using revlon... most all revlon colorstay products and things... I have normal non oily breakout free facial skin... I decided to try the Sonia Kashuk perfecting illuminator foundation and after a couple days, my face has this dry red rash... but not around my mouth and not around my eyes...  I've never had anything wrong with my face... is it in shock from the change in product.. or is it some chemical not reacting right with my skin thats in the kashuk...

If anyone has tips on how to treat this or any same experiences with this makeup please help



If that's the only thing you've switched, stop using it and compare ingredients to what you were using. Go back to your old foundation or try something different after the inflammation clears up. Should probably be gone after a few days. I've had reactions to products before and my skin usually clears up by day five.

I switched because I'm on the hunt for something a little lighter than the revlon... but still full coverage... I also have never had problems with facewashes and i bouth the neutrogena pink grapefruit and started using at the same time as the sonia... but i think the culprit is the foundation... i've used tons of different face products and never have had  a problem with any... but i found the combination of revlons that ive been using kind of crease into my undereye wrinkles so ive been trying to venture out of revlon and see what else is out there for cheaper... but... i guess this is what i get lol

Maybe you could use an eye primer to help with the creasing? Which form of Revlon were you using, because I've done the liquid and currently use the creme..both can be sheered out for coverage.

i do use the revlon color correcting primer... then concealer then liquid then powder and brightener... but i just wrinkles lol and it creases and looks ugly so im trying to find something that wont do that

also, I've been cleansing and moisturizing without makeup for about 2 days but i have to go to work tonight and put makeup on for it.. i wonder if it wont kill my skin to go back to revlon or if i should go naked-faced?

How many days did the rash pop up? I don't go naked faced anywhere and I put my regular foundation on when I broke out..It'd been a few days and was already clearing up, though. 

Its been here for about 4 days... had makeup off for the last two its not SO noticeable but my skin is tight and dry and red pigmented cheeks and forehead... my upper lip is really dry .. i think thats because i shaved my mustache... but that was before the rash


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