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Dec 12, 2003
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I'm looking for a new foundation, as most all of mine have gotten too dark or I'm bored with them. I'm yet to find the one, so the search continues. I'm looking for light, buildable coverage, semi-matte to matte finish, long lasting, and won't cause break outs. Any ideas?



I have been using Jane's Stay Calm foundation. It does not break me out and buffy (I think it's called) matches my fair skin very nicely. It's a bit sheer, you can probably build coverage some. It does give a pretty matte appearance IMO.

I used to always use Prescriptives Virtual Skin, which is also quite nice, but it was a bit too sheer for my liking.

You might try the Stay Calm (if you haven't already) as it is very inexpensive, so if it doesn't work out for you, no big loss to the pocketbook!

Ok, well my HG foundation has been d/c'ed, and normally I would've rec'd that to ya.

It's Smashbox Studio Matte. It's oil-free & has sheer to medium buildable coverage. It's awesome! It melts right into my skin! It's the only oil-free formula that I've tried so far that doesn't make me feel cakey.

They've d/c'ed it b/c they're reformulating. I can only hope that the new formula is as good as the last.

I have enough stocked up to last me another 2-3 months, so I hope they come out with the new formula soon!

In the meantime, stick to oil-free formulas. Dior has a new one. Also try Paula Dorf, NARS oil-free, & LORAC.

If you've normal to combo skin, i'd recommend Lancome Adaptive. It's medium coverage & makes my skin feel so soft

sounds like Armani MSF might be just right for you. it provides a nice finish w/out looking too cakey. the LSF provides fuller coverage, but MSF looks very natural.

Originally Posted by keaLoha sounds like Armani MSF might be just right for you. it provides a nice finish w/out looking too cakey. the LSF provides fuller coverage, but MSF looks very natural. Ooh, i've always wanted to try this. So many people rave on about it.. Hmm, think i've found another item to add to my Xmas wishlist! Thanks keaLoha
If no break-outs are high on your list of priorities, try any Prescriptives foundation! (You can talk to the salesperson to find just the right kind, they make several.) Their makeup is noncomedogenic which means it will not clog your pores. (Makeup labeled "oil-free" won't have oil but may have other greasy ingredients that can clog pores.)

Speaking of which, if any of you know of other noncomedogenic/nonacnegenic brands of makeup please reply to my thread in this forum!

Thanks for all the recs!

I'm still searching around, doing lots of reading reviews...

I'm probably going to buy a new one after Christmas.

I absolutely love BE foundations! You can easily mix colors to get your perfect match since it's a loose foundation. I don't really like using foundations and powders, but I have very rosy skin and I hate looking so pink! However I don't like to look like I'm wearing anything. This is perfect because it somehow evens out my skin tone and covers blemishes, but it looks like I have nothing on. Using my foundation in 2.0 with clear radiance and mineral veil gives me all day smooth, dewey, skin with pretty much no oily shine (although in the summer, it might be a different story.

How funny that you'd mention BE!

I've been debating about ordering some, but I think I will soon!


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