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Jul 9, 2011
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hey girls!  I was hoping someone here might be able to help me.  I was getting matched for a new foundation at the dior counter at nordstrom after the mac lady said they didn't have a shade light enough for me.  Anyway, in the process of putting the dior skin forever on me, she spilled a drop on my favorite work pants and I can't get it out!  I tried stain remover for set in stains, dish soap, oil-free eye makeup remover, makeup brush cleaner, running through the laundry.  What else can I try?  Thanks!  I really feel like it's going to be there forever!

You can try dabbing it with some Goo Gone, then gently scrubbing at it before putting it in the wash. I once ran a load of clothes through the washer and dryer without realizing that I had a lipstick in one of my pockets - I was so upset, but the Goo Gone got rid of the stains. I don't know if it will work for foundation too, but it's worth a try!


$6 at Lowes for the 32oz bottle and $16 for the gallon jug.

It's a commercial cleaning solution meant for carpet that works instantly and not really meant for this, but I've had fantastic results with it where other stuff has failed on fragile materials and clothing.  My car has wool carpets and a cashmere headliner, both really fragile, and it cleaned them both to like new.  I've used it on nice shirts and pants plenty of times (on foundation stains specifically) and no damage has occured and the stain was gone.  I haven't used it on dry clean only stuff, that's my disclaimer; I go dry clean it, which gets rid of any foundation transfer easily.

If none of the above work, try baking soda & vinegar. Mix it into a paste, rub it on, & let sit for about 10 mins. Then run it through the wash again. It worked for me! :]

Baking soda is the best go to. If it dosen't work use table salt, pile it on the stain and let it sit over night. My friends go to stain remover is ZOUT when all else fails.

if nothing works whatsoever, i'd go a different route and try talking to a manager if they could reimburse you for professional cleaning. I don't know how expensive the pants you are referring to were, but if it's important to you.. that's what i'd do. 

Thank you so much for all the suggestions, you girls are awesome!  I was worried that baking soda/vinegar would stain my pants, but I'm willing to try it. If that doesn't work I will look for the Folex.  I did try zout and surprisingly it did nothing.


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