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Jul 11, 2006
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Help please!

I recently bought a liquid Becca foundation (Luminous Skin Colour, Sheer, in Nude). It's the right strength of colour, if that makes sense, but it's a bit too sandy for my face. Not orange thankfully, but too sandy. I'm pretty sure it has a yellow base. It was a bit pricy, so I really don't want to throw it out.

Previously I bought a far-too-pink-based cheap Maybelline liquid foundation, and mix it with some green corrector stick before I use it, which makes it a good shade.

Is there anything like this that I can do for the Becca? I don't know what colour to mix/ use that would work.

Thanks in advance.

Nope, not really. It was bought in Australia.

I'd also like an answer in case this kind of thing happens again.
Thanks for asking, Speedy.

just buy a better one. I know its a bummer, but at the end of the day, are you really going to go to all that effort to just "correct" a bad foundation?

You can use it by mixing it with some pink or peach concealer, yep.

Check into Face Atelier... They have Zero Plus (which can darken foundation) and Zero Minus (which can lighten it). The only other thing I can think of, short of trying to return it somehow, is to find a face powder which can balance it out to give you the right color.

Vav: It sounds like you have you done this before, yes?
I'll give it a go.

Aquilah: I'll try to find them online, and have a look. The face powder might have to be the way to go.

Yes, i've done it a lot! And if you have something too pink you can correct it by mixing it with something yellow, a concealer or a face powder.

Aha! I have some experimenting to do, by the sounds of things.
As long as the dreaded orange is avoided...


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