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Oct 30, 2006
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I was reading Lucky magazine at the nail salon, the October issue I believe with Mandy Moore on the cover, and I read a very interesting method a certain makeup artist used to create "flawless looking skin". I don't remember which foundations (I think one was Armani?) but it said to mix them together, and then with a Duo Fiber brush,


she blended them together in the black part of the brush, then buffed the foundation on with the white part. I was a little confused by that, and maybe I'm not repeating it correctly? Does anyone have that certain issue that could tell me what the two foundations were? Also, help me understand the method she used to apply the foundation??

I saw on Enkoremakeup that he usued that brush to apply a liquid foundation I think. You might want to check his channe out on youtube or ask him, im sure he will know

I've used the MAC 187 to apply my Studio Fix Fluid foundation a couple times. I basically just put a bit of foundation on the back of my hand (and I really do mean a bit because you don't need much at all!) and dipped the brush in. Just in and out, not in a swirly motion. The foundation should be on the white tips only. Then I stippled the foundation over my face (basically just patted/dotted it on) and then buffed it into my skin using circular motions. Voila, an airbrushed look!