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Oct 26, 2012
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Hi i have an unique issue for you all. My hair is kinda long about upper back. I had it this long before and had the same issue the response i got was to cut it all off which i did, cut my hair to the longest piece was just over an 1" 1/2 long. What my hair is like, very frizzy, stright at the top till it reaches my ears, then curls out and when i say curls i mean when it is wet, when it is dry it is just a lost cause of frizz. very oily on top untill again about my ears then is so dry it can break. Very think and full of a lot of body. I never blow dry it, or use heat products, i wash the top part every day, wash the bottom part about ever 2 weeks (i said it was really dry, it will not get oily at all!!!) i do not have hard water, i do not brush it too much, i never touch it when it is wet, what should i do to try to tame me hair, i just want it to be less damanged and dry and less frizz. BTW i do not use heat products, or anything like that. i tend to have my hair up more often then down. i beg you please help!!!!!

In the case of curls, length is an easy way of taming hair. The added length gives weight and helps hold down hair. While it may take discipline and adjusting, stop washing your hair so frequently! Your scalp is compensating by producing more oil. Use a dry shampoo if you feel you need it or corn starch to absorb excess oil. Start looking at labels and invest in different shampoo/conditioner or go low poo. Use a frizz serum or dry oil spray..try to stay away from alcohol based products, which are harsher on curls. Find products that are creamier or moisturizing and use from mid length down to ends. After applying products, try and form curls and pin up til dry..this is perfect to do overnight and take out in the morning.

i use a dry shampoo every day almost anyway. i have tried having my hair get used to not being washed everyday, but by the end of the night it is already super shiny and smells of olive oil, on weekend when i dont work anyway i only wash my hair friday morn and sun night. i will try the pinning up the curls thing. will that help with the frizz? i already almost never use conditioner on the top and let it sit on the bottom for about 3-5 minutes everytime i let the bottom get wet. i try to also deep condition every other time the bottom gets wet. What frizz serum would you suggest, i feel like i have tried at least most of the big name brands. And dry oil spray what is that, and where would i find it? plus again what you suggest?

Some people are opposed, but I use serums with silicone. That can always be washed out with a clarifying shampoo. I use mostly drugstore brands, from Garnier to Herbal Essences. Serums/oils, you could apply to the lower part of your hair when wet and finger comb. I've tried Macadamia oil, Phyto products, Organix keratin oils.. Garnier brand I use their smoothing cream and a cream gel. Also, I've purchased some brands at Sally's. Honestly, I've never found an HG product that does it all for my curls, be it cheap or expensive. I have to do a combo..starting with an oil/serum on wet hair, then a thickening or smoothing cream mixed with a cream gel. Apply, scrunch my hair and air dry or use a diffuser. I also only shampoo once a week, using Nuetrogena anti-residue shampoo and moisturizing conditioners the rest of the week. I still deep condition and sometimes put the product in overnight and rinse in the am. Drugstore brands... Garnier, Herbal Essences, Organix, Aussie. Sally's... I've used Beyond the Zone branded products before. Salon/High End... Or whatever you want to call them... Miss Jessie's, Living Proof, Phyto, Tigi, Alterna, I can't remember all. I usually use lower end brands for styling, since I use a combo. Still searching for HG products, myself, so I don't know how helpful all my advice really is lol.