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May 19, 2005
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I don't normally buy a lot of stuff at once, but I just received a nice big order from

I got Silk Screen powder foundation, which is excellent. I think it has better coverage than a lot of the other liquid foundations I've tried.

I also picked up the Clear Improvement charcoal mask, which is also amazing. I think it actually beats the Queen Helene mint mask, but it is so much more expensive. I'll have to use it sparingly to make it last.

Tried Origins Ginger Essence fragrance roll on. I was hesitant to buy an expensive bottle of perfume, but the roll on is so much less expensive. It smells so yummy.

And the other day I was picking up some of those foamy triangle sponges from the Wallgreens, and I noticed a foundation/concealer dual ended brush by the Perfection brand. I picked that up, and I'm so happy. I've been wanting to get a foundation and concealer brush for a while, but didn't wantto spend too much money on it. This is an excellent brush and for ten bucks I got a dual ended brush.

nice! my mom has that brush from walgreens and sometimes i prefer it over my mac one............shhhhhhhhhhh dont tell!

Very nice haul - Enjoy!!


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