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Oct 29, 2004
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Do you know that fruits are very good for your skin? Yes?

Ok, but do you know that fruits are good for your skin but not only eating them?

Me I have some familiar technics to have a beautiful skin:

- put half of a banana in a cupel and crush it with a little bit of water (around one big spoon), put that "creme" on your clean face during 10 minutes, and rinse it with water.

You can do it twice at each time, once a week.

If your skin is very white, do it only once and once a week.

If you skin is black you can do it each time you want, no more than twice the same day, and 3 or 4 days a week, But this is for a perfect skin!!! lol

It's good for skin because really hydrating, and makes your skin/face pulpier than before. Your skin will be in perfect health in a few weeks for white skins and one week for black skins.

I have other receipts with fruits, but I would like to know if you're interested or not, because a lot of women are used to bye their creams, and not to make them bye their own.

Very interesting. I might have to give that one a try! Let's here about more!

So basically all you need is a banana & some water Marie Line? Sounds easy! I think Diane posted lots of homemade masks before too so you should check them out if you're looking for more ideas

Yes, only banana and water. Half of a banana for your skin and the rest for your pleasure!

After you can put a basic hydrating cream and your make up directly.

And I have other fruity advices, but not a lot...

I will you aother one after to have a shower!!! lol

Talk you soon dear Laura and Naturally and Jen.

it's really important to crush the banana until to have a cream, it's easier to put on the face and to rinse after.

Here it is The second part of "Fruit and Skin"! (it's like a TV show!)

The only problem of that cure is you can only do it on end of spring/summer, because it's not a fruit you can find during all the year.

- take a grape, and cut it in two, keep one part for now and the second for this evening before to go to bed. It's really easy, just pass it softly on the face, everywhere on your face. your face must be clean, but no cream for instance, just wash your face and pass the half grape. you will see it's really beautiful and fresh!

Repeat :

1 grapp -> cut it and keep the second half for the evening.

Wash your face, pass the half grape on your skin.

wait a minute and relax!

put your usual cream and do like everyday.


The evening:

De-Make up and wash your face.

Pass the second half grape on your skin

Wait a minute and RELAX! lol

Put a cream for night

PS: White grapes are better, blacks are good too but have less vitamins

That is so interesting! Thanks for posting these great, easy skin care recipes!

I love your spiderman! lol

If you don't have white grap, you can try also with a piece of kiwi, or a piece of lemon.

But becarreful with lemon because it's hard for sensitive skin, no mre than once a week! Lemon is also easy to rince, like grape and kiwi.

I will add other fruits... lol

I love using fruits to take care of my skin.

Kiss and take care


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