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Aug 16, 2005
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for the past couple years, i have abstained from buying a nice pair of jeans and have been wearing mostly skirts because i don't have the patience to try on a bunch of jeans that don't fit me. it is so depressing!

can anyone recommend a good pair to check out? i have a 12 inch difference between my waist and hips. anyone else have this problem? and a solution?

There is a thread i started,best booty jeans. there is alot of input there,maybe one of the mods can pull it up for you

I know that Gap makes (or at least used to) a style of jeans especially for curvy figures, I think they're called "Reverse" or something but I might be wrong on the name. Just ask a sales associate, they could tell you! Otherwise I can't help much, I have the opposite problem -- I have no hips, so most jeans that fit in the waist are baggy in the hips and butt!

Originally Posted by jessica9 oops! thanks a lot!

no prob!!!!!hope that helped

i know express jjust came out with a new type of jean. the curvy fit.

try those out and see how they work for you.

I am in love with Levi's stretch boot cut.. and i will NEVER see a "single digit" size.. EVER.. but i wonder.. why dont people buy THE RIGHT SIZE? cuz it stretches doens't mean you stretch it to the max... how many times did i want to say to someone TRY THE NEXT SIZE UP! OR I KNOW IT COMES IN A SIZE LARGER... sometimes, its just the inner voice on speakerphone..

for me it is more of a matter of fit. if i go up a size, the waist doesn't fit right. i seriously think a lot of designer jeans are made for more boyish figures. i am not a "big" person. i am just looking for a good fit. maybe i need to try the non-designer brands. i wanted to try them because everyone talks about how flattering they are. maybe i should try jlo's clothing line...haha!

Are you shopping in Juniors or Misses departments? Because I think Juniors clothes are made more for boyish figures; I have less problems with Juniors jeans being baggy in the hips. Maybe the designers think the young girls wearing the jeans don't have curvy hips yet! Or maybe it's because so many of the pants fit so darn low, they just sit on your hips and it doesn't matter much what your waist size is!

However, the Misses department is where I have a lot of problems with jeans being baggy in the hips and butt. Even the pants that are slightly low-cut (I never wear anything super low-cut), even in the small sizes (2-4), I usually have problems with the hips being baggy. I never realized how uncurvy I was until I started (trying to) shop in Misses!
I still have a hard time believing that the average size 2 woman has hips so much bigger than mine but maybe it's true...

And don't worry a bit about the brand, my favorite jeans ever are SO brand, an expensive brand that I find at Kohl's -- they're Juniors sizes, but they are actually a mid-rise and they even my make my little butt look curvy! lol