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Frustrated with a sibling

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Feb 12, 2005
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I think some of you here may know that I have a younger sister (she is 25) and she & I don't really get along. We tolerate each other and deep down we would both do anything for the other but we just don't get along on a normal basis. I moved out of my mom's about 11 months now and in that time she has called me 4 times. Here is a synopsis of each conversation:

1st call (the day that I moved out in January) - she asked me if I had her straightening balm. I said no. She said are you sure? I said yes I am sure and she hung up.

2nd call (in July) - she called to complain about a fight she and my mom had.

3rd call (in late September) - she needed a phone number of a lawyer because she got into some legal trouble. This lawyer is a very good friend of mine so she thought that I could refer her.

4th call (tonight) - again,she is complaining about my mom. I ask her if she wants my advice and she says yes. I tell her that she has become self absorbed with my mom and that all that she cares about is her job. She admits it and sees nothing wrong with that. She says that it isn't just a job but a career. Then she starts saying that she "knows" she is self absorbed right now but wants to know why I think that because its not like she and I spend time together. i try to tell her that in the past 11 months she has called me 4 times and either she was complaining about my mom or wanting something from me. She then goes on to mention that I have never once called her. And I said, yes I don't call you because you and I don't have that type of relationship but when your a$$ was in trouble back in September who bailed you out... it was me. So she proceeds hang up on me.