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Mar 31, 2011
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Seattle, WA
I have booked a new makeup client whose wedding I will be providing makeup application for this summer and I have a question for any makeup artist who is quite experienced with skin perfecting techniques.

My client has gets fairly tan in the summer, but also has a bit of sun damage and redness on her chest area, and redness in her face. I don't have an airbrushing system, as I realize this would probably be ideal.

Should I use a foundation that closely matches her chest color (aside from the redness) and blend it all the way up to her face so that in her pictures she will appear to have even skin coloring? (I am planning to use a color-correcting primer on her face as well.) What would be the best way to go about providing beautiful results without costing a fortune in products?

Any help and tips are greatly appreciated!


Foundation would work, but can sometimes look harsh on the body in pics. You could try to thin it out with an oil-free non sunscreen moisturizer, or find a good tinted moisturizer. I seem to have better luck using a tinted moisturizer on the chest and neck for a more realistic appearance, especially for wedding photographs. Oh, and find a water resistant one and awesome setting powder so you don't get makeup transfer on the dress. Good luck!


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