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Jul 22, 2007
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im just curious to see if any one else has difficulty applying fyrinnae e/s

or if its just me no good at puttin e/s on

re the 2 colours

fyre and ice


dragon skin

eventually i found out tht applying the fyre n ice needs to be done in a patted on method....

today i put it on for whole day only to find the sparkles had dissappeared at end of day

dragon skin...im not sure but first time round it went from its lime green format to a darkish green....

when i patted this on instead it seemed ok n came out fine

im just getting real confused...tbh its makin me doubt buying more fyriinae but i really want more of them

i dont know if im applying wrong in some way

i thought e/s could be sweeped on

i even use udpp just 2 dots of it


I've not had a problem with Fyrinnae shadows. I usuallt apply them with a damp brush which makes them appear much brighter.

Do you use a primer? I don't have a problem with fyrinnae at all

I apply their eyeshadow in two layers. First, I pat it on wet. Then I pat or sweep on some dry eyeshadow.

I always apply a dry layer on top of a wet one with Fyrinnae, I find it is the best way for sparkles!

Originally Posted by shoppingjunkie /img/forum/go_quote.gif I use them dry but I always pat them on. Sweeping them on makes colors look bad. yes, i've just tried that method, and i think it's best for the sparkles. though i'm gonna try the wet method tomorrow.
Always try applying a shadow wet if you're having problems with it. The color shows up much more vivid. I usually do a dry layer after the wet layer as well. Works great. I actually do this with my mineral foundation as well.

I agree with the wet then dry method. Applying it wet maes it more vivid, longer lasting, and often just easier to apply. Then applying a dry layer over the top enhances the shimmer and sparkles.

For the pale shades though, if you want to use them as an allover wash try them just dry - it will give you a sheerer effect.

I'll try this. Even with my new primer, it's starting to crease. Hopefully this will fix that problem.