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Fyrinnae free shipping ...

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May 2, 2006
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on orders of 25$ or more !!

i don't know how long it will last though

This has been going for at least a few months, I think it's a long term thing. I've always made sure my orders are over $25.

Originally Posted by LMultipass /img/forum/go_quote.gif only in your country?,
of course!, deceived...

(it's been free over $25 to anywhere in the world for months, and he has no plans to change it
shipping rates are very low for smaller orders, too)
Well, it's free shipping worldwide for orders over $25, and it's been there quite a while. Definitely not mistake.

Update on shipping from Fyrinnae:

UK and France customers: Due to numerous delays with the mail systems in your countries, we will now be requiring all orders over $20 USD to be sent registered mail, which costs $10 USD (yes, it's really that high through USPS). Hopefully this will only be temporary.
i just saw that on the website. are they mad or am i lucky? my last order took only one week & a half to be delivered, and my postoffice is known to be late on delivering, they even have lost one of my orders once.

anyway, thanks for the update, i hope it's temporary !


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