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Dec 27, 2006
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Hey, I am a petite 120 lbs and 5 feet 2 but I just never took the time to lose my belly from having my son 8 years ago. Now I want this little flab to abs soon. So I started eating healthy and working out and my stomach is leaving but I am losing weight in places that I don’t want to like my legs, arm, and buttocks. I need to know how can I lose only my stomach and tone up everything else in this case now gain weight back in my arms and legs because they have gotten to skinny. Is this even possible? Help.
Unfortunately it's impossible. You can gain muscles on determined areas to compensate the lack of fat, but you can't 'spot' gain weight - unless you have the tendency of getting heavier on one place before another

I assume that is supposed to say "weight" so i changed it

Congratulations on the success. Like the ladies said already, 'spot' training is pretty much impossible since we cannot control where the weight will come off first. For some it comes off in even layers, for others, less so. However, in matters of the belly fat storage in particular, that is more easily controlled by the dietary content. I believe the belly can tell you a lot about your insulin resistance.


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