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Mar 10, 2006
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Okay folksies. Let's play a little game.

I'm gonna post a picture of somebody, but you won't see their face.

You're gonna have to guess who it is.

Eventually, maybe after quite a few guesses, I'll reveal the identity.



LOL I have no idea, but when I was first scrolling down, I thought the black jacket thing was the back of the person's head.

^ LOL, Ashley. Gives me chills. Just like Sasquatch.

I've been staring at this picture now for a good 15 minutes, and I still can't stop laughing.

hmmm this is hard!....courtney love?

lol...i thhought the same thing about the jacket thingie

Originally Posted by lglala84 /img/forum/go_quote.gif hmmm this is hard!....courtney love? Nope! Good guess though.
I'll give you a hint: She is known for her "talent" with cellphones.

Yaaaay! Aprill got it.

It is none other than the most delightful Ms. Campbell!


To think she actually looked in the mirror and thought to herself "dayum, I look hot"........................ugh.

ok i would have never guessed her.

Where is she going with this getup? Was this her halloween costume?

LaLa, I think it was actually a birthday party she was going to.

Aprill, yeah this woman can school other ladies out there about how to be a real b!tch. If she were to have a curriculum, it would include, "Fierce B!tchery for Beginners", and "Cell Phone Battery 101" (pun intended).

seriously that woman needs to be smacked up something 'fierce' LOL.

What on earth is she ATTEMPTING to wear (and failing miserably at)?


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