G'day from Sydney AUSTRALIA!!

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Dec 12, 2007
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hello everyone!!

As you can see I am new here and I think makeup talk is very informative! hehe..

I love my make up and anything to do with it..however im not a make up artist.. I work in reservations and ticketing for Air France/KLM in Sydney. I've been thinking about doing a course part time so I can get some work doing makeup on the weekends!! Sometimes I think it may be hereditary as my Aunty in Indonesia does make up for weddings and shows and i have always been infatuated with it!!

I'm Australian born and bred.. lived here my whole life! I'm also proud of my Indonesian and Dutch heritage! and I'm bilingual I speak English and Indonesian..

I'm tanned and I'm an NC42/c6 in Mac or Almond in Clinique Superfit..


Sounds like you are more than ready for MuT. Look forward to what you can teach us as well. Welcome to the board.

oh definately of course!! if i learn sumthin new id be so excited id want everyone to know about it!! hehe

Originally Posted by speedy /img/forum/go_quote.gif Welcome! It's great to see a fellow Aussie here! hii speedy!! how exciting another fellow aussie!! yay!!
this is what i get up to when its quiet at work hehe

Originally Posted by Leony /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hello and welcome.Salam kenal

hello leony!! salam kenal juga!! apa kabar?? (nice to meet u 2, how r u?)

r u indonesian? LOL..

Originally Posted by chitty158 /img/forum/go_quote.gif hello leony!! salam kenal juga!! apa kabar?? (nice to meet u 2, how r u?)

r u indonesian? LOL..

Yep, Indonesian tapi reside di Jepang sekarang.Ayo posting!

welcome to MUT chicken! definately nice to see more aussies on the board, I'm sure you'll love it here


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