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Mar 8, 2005
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Pros - Cons? Is this the right product for the job....

I want to create a sheer, "just pinched" cheek look with a bit of sheen. Not quite like a highlighter, but close. I've tried Face Glow by Body & Soul, in sensation and it came close. I also use TARTE in flush, but I'm not satisifed. Any recommendations?

I've never used one but i've heard the gel blushes by Bonne Belle are quite good (considering they're a low end brand). I love NARS multiples & Stila Convertible Colours for the flushed kinda look you're trying to achieve. Have you tried either of them before?

I really like Stila Rouge Pots. They give a nice buildable color that looks very natural. The consistency is mousse like so not really a gel type but it's a great alternative. The color lasts on my combo/oily skin. Another favorite I have is Laura Mercier stick blush.

Gel blushes definitely sounds like what you're looking for, but maybe you just haven't found the right one yet. I was going to recommend Tarte Flush, but I see you've got that and it isn't what you're looking for!

The only gel blush I've tried is Tarte. Since you're not too pleased w/it, I'm not sure what else to recommend. Have you looked into liquid blushes? They're more of a stain, but tend to give a similar "flush" to the skin. Here are a few to choose from:





Not sure about the Benetint (think it's a stain) or Sephora (looks like a creamy), but the Skin Alison Raffaele, Pop Beauty, & Pixi are gels & the Cargo is a cream:



The only other thing I could suggest is a cream blush--both potted & stick forms--like the other ladies suggested. NARS Multiples are great & several brands @ Sephora make stick-types.

HTH & Good Luck!

if you want sheen, id go with a stila convertible color or a stila push up. i suppose theyre more of a cream blush, but theyre pretty sheen-y. i havent found a gel that gives anything but a matte look because they really sink in.

Adding more to my Sephora list. I am indeed looking for something that will give sheen/dewy plus some tint all in one. Didn't even think about Stila. Thank you so much ladies.

keaLoha, I had to print your suggestions out. I'm taking it with me so I don't forget to try any of those. Thanks


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