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Jul 22, 2007
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im just wanting to know whether these gel liners found on some mineral makeup sites like on madminerals are mineral based or not??

reason being i dont want to use anymore traditional mu and since using mmu my skin n eyes are a lot lot better and cleaner/healthier looking

I can't speak for all sites, but as far as I am concerned, yes they are.

i guess im confused since madminerals have put their gel liners in the 'traditional cosmetics' section on their site

I think it's best to ask each site in question. Some may be minerals, others may not.

i think they are not really 'natural'. The ingredients are very scientific-sounding. But i have 2 or 3 of these gel liners and i really love them

I don't think the indelible gelliners are mineral but even though, I have a few of them and I love them! They really last.

they're just traditional makeup but well worth the $$$. you gotta try their new fall shade "black cherry". it's so gorgeous and cheap too.

they're not natural, in that they contain parabens. if you're concerned abt that sort of thing. having said that, i usually try and stay away from paraben stuff too - but these gel liners sucked me in. they're so good..

hmm its just im trying to keep all my mu now mineral based

i dont want any traditional stuff u see

for first time since i started using mmu my skins better ,i dont get eye infections,and my lips arent chapped/dry

i do have one indelible gel liner which i usd onece and yes its good but found it sort of flak/harsh thru mid day

that's fair enough, abt wanting to stick to natural products.

i haven't found the gel liners flaking through the day, although i do notice it starts to fade a little.


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