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Aug 20, 2007
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I shave and its been getting to be a task, going out, buying razors all the time. I have tried to use Nair but it leaves my skin feeling not so great, plus, it misses hairs I have to go back and shave!

Ive heard good things about Veet but haven't tried it.

Waxing, would take too long for me and Ide run out of patience.

So, what do you do? How do you get rid of your leg hairs, and even, bikini hair? I tried the Nair bikini stuff, and it didn't do anything!

Nair and Veet are way too harsh on my skin, and don't do much. For shaving my legs, I use the Venus razors, or my fav. Schick Quattro for women. As for bikini hairs, that is a pain in the ass. However, I have had friends use the body bare shavers for the pubic area, and they say it works well. I just use a razor and have a lot of patience, haha.

I use Veet sometimes and I use the Venus one with the moisture bar, idk the name. I used to be cheap with buying razors but now i have to get more expensive ones because i always get irritated when I use cheap ones.

I have the same problem! Veet worked a little better than Nair for me, but neither of them did much other than burn my skin.

I'm wanting to try an epilator!

I just shave, but it sucks. My leg hair is kind of fine and I'm hardly ever able to get it all. Once I get out in the sun I notice lil hairs around my knees or ankles that I missed, and I hate that. As for my bikini area, like Solimar said I also just use a razor and patience, but about halfway through i get so tired of it, lol. I definately want to try some different hair removal techniques.

How about an epilator? Theres no shaving to do and no razors to buy every week. Plus it gets rid of the hair for weeks!

shave my legs and underarms - gillette disposal w/aloe strip and aveeno oatmeal shave gel. i wax my bikini line. i'd love to wax my underarms too, but you'd need a third arm! lol~