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Oct 5, 2003
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I'm trying to convince my dear hubby that he really wants a dog- particularly a small West Highland White Terrier, an unbelievably loveable and adorable puppy. He doesnt believe me. I've tried bargaining, wheedling, whining, begging, and mock threatening him with a huge Macy's bill if I dont get a dog, but he's holding fast. How can I get him to see that we need an addition to our clan of 2 cats? No house is whole without a doggie

Ladies, how do you go about getting your way (without offering them sexual favors, because lets face it, we should probably be doing it anyway if we have to bargain with it here) in the fastest way possible?

Have you tried a reverse psychology? Just make him think he is the one making the decision and he actually won the battle! Then start hinting around and telling him all these good things and but tell him that he is right and that you shouldn't get one. Let him think about a little while and he will most likely change his mind and think that you should get one. It takes a lot of work and some time but hopefully you will get what you want. They are great dogs by the way! I looked into getting one when I was a little girl. I read a lot about the breed. They are the best dogs out of little dogs! My parents backed out at the last minute


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