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Dec 30, 2006
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My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I was wanting to get some gift ideas and possibly some date ideas too. I am having the hardest time coming up with ideas for a gift and an idea for things to do on his birthday. Thanks!

hmm, depends what kind of guy he is, but you could get him tickets to some kind of sport, or get seats at a recording of his favourite tv show, or jewellery, a nice id bracelet or signet ring or something..

yeah u can get him tickets to some sport or if he loves video games get him psp or something like or get him mp3 if he needs one of course. if u really think about it there is plenty of stuff that you may come up with.

I got my bf 2 Armani shirts, 2 pairs of Armani jeans to match, new puma sneakers he wanted that just came out, 2 black Express jackets, 2 Mark Ecko Watches, D&G 'Baby Blue' Perfume, and Armani 'Aqua Di Gio' .I didn't know what else to get him.
But we did end up going to see a Medieval Times show.


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