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Feb 12, 2005
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Inspired by beautiful and exotic gemstones, Givenchy Holiday 2007 Collection is delightfully decadent, full of sparkle, and sure to wow this holiday season.

The item that immediately caught our eye (and yours too, we’re sure) is the Prisme Solitaire All-Over Diamond Effect Powder. Designed to symbolize a glowing diamond solitaire, the compact contains an all-over powder loaded with pearlescent particles to add eye-catching shimmer to every part of the body. ($50)

Lash Sparkles Lash Diamonds is a diamond-infused pen that deposits non-irritating flecks of silvery-white glitter to the lashes. This twist-pen brush (applied after mascara) also adds a glossiness that lasts all day. ($23)

Two new shades of Pop Gloss Crystal Crystal Lip Gloss in Pure Diamond and Diamond Fancy go on transparent to enhance nude or colored lips, and add tons of shimmer with mother-of-pearl extract. ($22.5)

Rose Desire is the new shade of Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick Irresistible Color that is loaded with volumizing shimmery flecks. ($26)

Captiv’Eyes Mascara Intense Volume Mascara Magnetic Eyes comes in Extreme Black to create big, thick lashes that are sure to be the life of the holiday party. ($25)

Givenchy Holiday 2007 Collection is available beginning November 2007 at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores, and


I LOVE the color of that lipstick. Gotta get it. Marisol you are killing me.

Originally Posted by KellyB /img/forum/go_quote.gif I LOVE the color of that lipstick. Gotta get it. Marisol you are killing me. Sorry....

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