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Feb 12, 2005
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Givenchy Spring 2008

Givenchy has surprised us with their Spring 2008 Makeup Collection—creating a concept that stands out from others—called Denim Fétiche.

Without hesitating we can think of six life-changing pairs of jeans—including that one pair with the embroidered flower pocket that we wore until the pantlegs were four inches too short, refusing to believe we had grown out of them (we must have been 8 or 9), and our beloved Levi’s 501 hand-me-downs from our cousin Marc that were perfectly worn-in, making us the envy of all our friends (this was seventh grade when 501s were Shrink-to-Fit—three sizes too big and hard as cardboard before their first eleventy-billion washes)—but as the memories flood back there seems to be a favorite pair for every year of our life.

For the Givenchy Spring 2008 collection, creative director Nicolas Degennes brings fashion and beauty together in new ways. Representing our faithful jeans that allow us to be chic, casual, sexy or sophisticated, this collection offers a range of looks to satisfy every mood.

Accessor’eyes Limited Edition Powder & Cream Eyeshadow Quartet ($49.5): Two eyeshadow quartets in Black Denim and Indigo Denim (each set contains three customized applicators).

A tip from Nicolas: Apply the creamy texture under the powdery texture to intensify the colours. Run your fingertip over it gently to give it a sheen. Don’t be afraid to use this fourth tool – your fingertip – to blend, smooth and invent new effects.

Captiv’eyes Limited Edition Intense Volume Mascara Magnetic Look ($25): In a new shade—Purple Black

Rouge Interdit Limited Edition Satin Lipstick Irresistible Color ($26): In glamorous Mauve Fetish and Stylish Purple.

Perfect Again! Corrector Set Perfect Complexion ($38): A palette of correctors and highlighters to create flawless skin.

A tip from Nicolas: To correct dark areas, brown spots or redness on the skin or touch up the inner corner of the eyes, first apply the darkest beige corrector and then pat gently with the sponge applicator loaded with the lightest shade. Don’t be afraid to layer the three products.

Also launching with this collection are the following new shades:

Pop Gloss Crystal: Pop Rose 403

Pop Gloss: Violet Vitamine 458

Magic Khôl: Black 1, Indigo Blue 4

Vernis Please!: Rouge Interdit 118, Fatal Plum 120

Subli’mine Sculpt Light: Exact Caramel 656* (*Colors may vary in different markets)

Prisme Again! Blush: Loving Pink 02

Givenchy Spring 2008: Denim Fétiche will be available beginning January 2008 at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores and online at


I'm not sure of those colours put together. They dont look attractive as a palette to me but I'd probably use them separately


theyre coming out with these collections fast, its not even christmas yet.

i really like how fresh the colors on the blush look.