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Jul 22, 2007
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could anyone tell me if theres mineral based glitter powder available??id like to mix some into my matte e/s

i know coastal scents/aromaliegh have some but theyre not mineral based

You may want to look at Pure Luxe Cosmetics. They have two finishing/setting powders called April's Mix and You Glow Girl. I have the April's Mix. It's too sparkly for me to wear on my face. I just put it up. It may work to give a little sparkle to a matte shadow. The ingredients for both are listed as the following on the site:

cornstarch, sericite, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, mica, kaolin and zinc oxide

When you go to the site they are in the Foundation/Setting section.

Hope this helps!

Oh girl, you need to go to TKB Trading, LLC: Pigment, dye, mica and colorants for natural cosmetics and soap and bay some sparkling micas!

May I suggest Diamond cluster (white, blends with everything) or Sparkle rose, wich is pink with very much sparkly gold, or my favorite (since I love brown-bronze e/s) Glimmer which is a kind of golden beige and super-sparkly! I often use it to make my "sober day-time make up" ready for a party... Ready in a sec!

A sample from TKB is a tablespoon and cost 1,50. You can use them to mix with your e/s or seperatly, altough they haven´t got very god adherence by them self. A little varning on the way: it´s very easy to order more glitter than you will ever need! But, it´s fun. And very pretty...

lol omg was just gonna ask if anyone had used that stuff

i found tkb too thru mineral site list

so its good then?

i dont understand theire rates thing though for international orders

it mentions something like i pay a bit first then the rest after...???

on tkb theres sum glitter shades titled aqua sparks/red sparks etc

are these any good or are the ones you mentioned better??

They charge you for US shipping first when you pay for the order, than after packing your order they would issue another invoice for the remaining cost of shipping. Usually if you don't buy a huge amount of bulky items, the shipping would be $11 or $12 for the flat rate priority envelope.

I have all the sparks! from them and they are indeed very sparky. They don't adhere very well because they are quite big sparkles. I also recommend the Hilites. They are shimmery rather than glittery, and they mix very well with matte shadows. Very beautiful!!

The mica particle of the Diamond Cluster is smaller than the sparks! particle but bigger than the Hilites. Personally, I would just get a sample of them all. They cost $1.5 per sample but you get a huge amount. Much more than a 5g jar could fit in. You can also get some 5g jars from TKB, the price is quite good. You can ask them if they can fit your order in the flat rate envelope if you're not sure. HTH!

thnx for al that info

which section is the clusters and hilites in on their site please

i think your right im just goin to have to get samples of all

tbh im trying to do my own version of fyrinnae fyre n ice.

i want a black shadow mixed with glittery sparkles

ah just found the hilites lol


you can find the other hilites under the "Customers who ordered this product also enjoyed:"

Diamond cluster

If you want to do fyre n ice, I think you definitely should get the red sparks, I compared the two and the purplish red sparkle is quite similar. Perhaps the purple one too? I'm not sure cause I can't seem to find my purple sparks...

Last time I ordered 6*10gr jars and 8*5gr jars with sifters, 32! lipbalm tubes (!) and a lot of samples and some 1 ounce-powders and they managed to fit it into a flat-rate-envelope!

The samples are cheap and generous so just pick a few different that you think you´ll like. The only one i really didn´t like were Chameleon, wich is strangly red-browm-lilac with blue green sparkles... I have never seen so much sparkles but it´s very hard to find a use for it. Anyway I´ve done some blue shade were I´ve added some of it and that actually works....

Originally Posted by taz1979 /img/forum/go_quote.gif i dont understand theire rates thing though for international ordersit mentions something like i pay a bit first then the rest after...???

I've used them before. They've got a $15 minimum order though. When you pay, they'll just send you an email with shipping options. You then just paypal them the difference with the shipping option you want.
They manage to pack alot in a flat rate envelope! They are good, too. I got the diamond cluster when it was on sale. I love it!! I plan to use it with my e/s kit to make some sparkly ones, too.


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