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Apr 6, 2012
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I realize I'm in the minority and while these look great on other people, I just don't look good with these. It's a shame too as my budget just afford drugstore eyeshadow, and while most of it does what it's suppose to with a rich color, almost every eyeshadow option has glitter in it. :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> I find it hard to find an eyeshadow that fits me because of this. I think it's mainly because my eyelids are definitely there and a little heavy. Without eyeshadow or with a matte finish, then they don't look heavy but when I put the glittery shadow on they just seem more pronounced and harsher. My skin is also very fair and it just always looks to fake with my coloring. I notice almost all makeup pictures and tutorials show these type of eyeshadow -- does anyone else prefer more matte shades?

I think you mean shimmer? I don't know of that many glittery drugstore shadows. I have seen some nice matte shades from L'Oreal and Wet n Wild, if you have them near you. You might also try satin, as they have a very subtle sheen that resembles skin. It won't shine like shimmer or glitter.

You may be right with my terminology with shimmer lol. I think I just need to look around. I'm sort of a neutral color eye person for some reason, always have been. Sounds boring but it seems my eyes look harsh quite easily!

Real glitter scratches my eyes a bit, so I tend to use it sparingly!! Most eyeshadows with "glitter" just use it over the top layer & just add icky fallout. I prefer matte/satin shades as well. One trick I use to make shimmers/frosts more wearable is to either use a gradient with 2 similar colours, the matte blending outwards to the shimmery... OR do your all over colour with satin/matte & add some type of shimmery highlight, crease, or accent colour. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Yes! I'm a very neutral person and while on occasion, I might wear a shimmery eye shadow once in a while but matte/satin are far more preferable due to the fact that they are not as rough on the lids as shimmer/glitter. 

Mattes, drugstore especially, tend to be too chalky and apply unevenly. They also wear off too quickly even with primer sometimes. It's just hard to find good quality mattes! I prefer satins and shimmers, but I can't stand the shimmers that are so over the top they are pretty much frosts. I'm not one for glitter unless it's a real special occasion, like Christmas or New Years holiday makeup. I suppose if I still went clubbing I would use them then too, but I don't.

I like the satins the most. I can wear some of the shimmery shades, but I stay away from the light ones. They tend to wash my skin right out, since I have a pale complexion.

It's really hard to make matte shadows last and not look chalky, especially if you're over 35. I like the shimmer because it's a little more forgiving with flaws and mistakes. Generally I stick with medium and darker colors.

When I don't feel like wearing eye shadow I have this light shimmer stuff (forget what it's called) from Mally Beauty that that's in a combo with a blush  that I sweep on my eyelids and it makes my eyes look brighter.

I love shimmer shadow but I don't like things like Nyx glitter cream shadow.

I don't like shimmer e/s here either! I like them for highlighting and stuff (or duochrome) but for majority of my e/s , especially the darker shades, I prefer to keep them matte or satin (LOVE satin finish) I got some of the new NYX matte e/s's today so I'm looking forward to trying them out.

It's funny because all of my friends love shimmery shadows, but I love matte ones! I like shimmery as well, just not as much as matte.I just love the sophisticated "statement-but-not" eyes that matte shadows give me (if that makes sense lol)! But I never wear glitter shadows, like the palettes that Nyx has, or loose glitter. It's too costume-y for me. :0

I personally don't mind mattes in my crease. If I use them all over the lid it just doesn't look right and idk why. Shimmers work best for me on the lid but I usually stay from glitter unless its for a certain occasion.

I love shimmery shadows, but I've never tried a chunky glitter shadow I've liked--the fallout is usually awful anyway. I think everyone can rock shimmery shadows, but there are certain ways to wear it depending on your eye shape. even if used sparingly/subtly, it can really add to a look. 

I do prefer a matte or satin finish. Have you tried NYX? They're not drugstore, but it's pretty inexpensive. I think it's 5 dollars per shadow and they have a new collection called "Nude Matte Shadow."

Hope this helps. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I like glitter on my eyeshadow but on special occasions, I don't think it's suitable for every day makeup. I also like satin eyeshadows. In general, I like anything sparkling.

There is a matte palette I'm interested in getting, "Meet Matt(e)" by TheBalm. Hopefully it will show up at Marshalls or TJMaxx, or Hautelook will do TheBalm again soon and maybe I'll get it there. It's so cute! The names of the shade are all different guys named Matt.

Don't those colors look great too?

I just bought NYX Nude Matte Shadow and I have to say I really like it. It seems to have good staying power. Part of the trick with making matte look good is creating some dimension with different colors.  I still prefer some shimmer, but I'm liking this palette a lot.

I have the Salmon NYX roll on glitter that I got in my February Glam Bag and tried it a couple times, but I don't like the big pieces of glitter, and as careful as I was applying it got all over my face. Shimmer is one thing, glitter is just too much.


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