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Jan 6, 2013
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I am in Canada, so get the Canadian version of glossybox.
In the Dec box there were 2 suspect items that looked old and happened to be discontinued.

I found out that Glossybox Canada gets some of what they put in their boxes from third party vendors- and that they mislead <ok...lied> about who they partner with.

Turns out Revlon and Avon did not and have never partnered with Glossybox Canada.

Glossybox also posted on Facebook that the nail polish and lip gloss they sent out is not discontinued and can still be bought.

I am surprised Glossybox would actually do this. They are also completely ignoring and customer complaints about this.

Revlon Canada commented on their Wall post.
Revlon Canada wrote: "MiXXX, Unfortunately, the shade you received is not currently available in Canada. Although we did not supply the product to GlossyBox, we are happy you followed up with us. If you have any further concerns with the box, please feel free to email their customer service department at [email protected]. We apologize for the confusion, and appreciate your support."

I thought the point of these subscription boxes was to get current items you can buy?? not expired in 2009 and 2005 items???

This was my last box from them and the last straw. I cancelled after receiving a disappointing November box. It will be interesting to see what they do for January. Of course, we'll have to wait until the beginning of February to find out.....

I liked the November box and was pleased overall when their service was $15.

But it is not even the price increase, now it is that they sent out 2 harmful expired products and have not even addressed this issue.

I liked their own Kyrolian? blush, OPI/kardashian polish, Curel hand cream.

Those aren't items I'd normally buy (well the blush yes...looks just like my MUFE blush I used up).

I keep on checking their Facebook page hoping they will post a resolution to this but...nope.


Originally Posted by QueenG /img/forum/go_quote.gif

This was my last box from them and the last straw. I cancelled after receiving a disappointing November box. It will be interesting to see what they do for January. Of course, we'll have to wait until the beginning of February to find out.....

Somehow after ignoring me Glossybox sent me 2 replacement items in the mail!

I think they put together what they sent out before contacting me,as there is one item I mentioned I did not want.

Specifically said NO REVLON,NO AVON.

Well, they sent me the Revlon nail polish in Tuscan Sun 478 and a MNY lipgloss.

The lipgloss seems fine.

But as soon as I saw the nail polish I thought "bet it is discontinued" and looked it up and yes it is......

I'm not too surprised though!

I have been attempting to deal with Glossybox regarding this issue for some time.

I initially emailed them in very early January.  When I did not hear back after one week I re-sent my email.  After two weeks I sent it again.  I then posted on Facebook asking about response times, and heard back that day. 

I received the response

We are moving forward with this issue and learning from it with making better decisions.

I am very understanding in that you do not want any of the products that have caused issues and I would love to offer you replacement AVON nail polish.
I asked if the replacement Avon polish was from the discontinued Eastern European stock sent out in the January box and did not receive a response.

I followed up one week after asking my question and received a reply

I am a customer service representative and have been inquiring all the information for you.  I will let you know.
My January Glossybox (containing a bunch of junk and a repeat product) arrived last night at 6:30 pm.  I was billed for the February box this morning.  That's not a lot of time to consider if I want to continue my relationship with this company, especially as they are still unable to answer my questions about the December box and how things will be different (or the same) moving forward. 

There seems to be a huge lack of follow-through here.  I should not be waiting for information one month after sending an email.  Their "social media department" should not direct questions to the "customer service department" if the customer service department is just going to ignore them.  The need some consistency in marketing as well.  For example, they promoted January's box as "globally-inspired deluxe beauty products" with "how-to guides for mastering looks around the globe".  That message was featured loud and clear on their website during the first few weeks of the month, then taken down as soon as boxes were shipped.  Opening January's box it is clear that it has nothing to do with "globally-inspired beauty".  It's just a bunch of junk that was sitting on the shelves in their warehouse.  The December box had two discontinued products and January's has an expired product (for 360 subscribers, apparently).

If you're cool with paying $21 for a bunch of falsely-advertised discontinued and expired drugstore products, while not receiving any customer support, then subscribe to Glossybox Canada.

I would do a credit card chargeback for Dec at least.

I did that for Dec as they were ignoring my email and facebook posts.

Never did get any of the issues I emailed about resolved.

It should be pretty easy to do a credit card chargeback as the items were not as advertised, and Glossy does not have a phone # in since they are hard to deal with and considered impossible to reach.....

If you are also quite unhappy about getting old expired items you can fill out a form online at the health canada website and they are supposed to look into companies who send out products that give people bad reactions or that can be unsafe and dangerous....

Also there is some gov't agency that deals with false advertising in Canada and apparently they can fine companies for misrepresenting in their ads <learned about that at school/advertising classes>.

I'm also kicked off the Glossybox facebook, they will not allow me to post anything there. Not really surprised, but very lame on their part.

*I don't think there is anything "wrong" w discontinued product as long as it is not in a beauty box.

Like if you buy a discontinued nail polish. But only if you are informed of that.

One nail polish brand I buy has new colors every season and you can sometimes find last seasons or stuff from a few seasons back for sale sometimes.

And some drugstores here have a discontinued makeup section <but I never see anything I like there>


Here's all the links I saved on my computer:



Got my last box!  It's February 27th and I received my February box today.  Their website says "Beauty Products for a Love-Filled February"... it might have been nice to get these before the last day of the month. 

I received:

Givenchy Gloss Interdit No. 3 Coral Frenzy - they said they were sending these out to the people with the most Glossydots but I think everyone got one.  It looks separated in the tube- like it's very old and has been sitting somewhere. sends out a lot of lipsticks with a beige-orange tone- I'd like to see more pink, plum or red tones.  This colour is not in stock on Sephora which makes me think it's discontinued or unpopular.  Sample size.

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow - I don't tend to look at cosmetics in discount stores so I didn't realize that Essence makeup had reached North America.  I have seen it in the poorest parts of Eastern Europe before, and actually bought some Essence nail polish for less than one euro in rural Poland.  The value of this full-size eyeshadow quad is $4 and it has a big sticker stuck to the compact- "MADE IN CHINA".

Biore Deep Cleaning Pore Strips Ultra - These I will actually use.  It's a full-size box of six.  Last time I tried them was ten years ago or so, so they're nothing new, but it's kind of fun and gross.

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment - Macadamia oil is the fourth ingredient on the list in this one, after three chemicals.  Small bottle.

Anatomicals You Need a Blooming Shower Rose and Jasmine Body Cleanser - Cheap, strongly-scented body wash.  Lots of chemicals.  Full-size at 150 ml with a value of THREE DOLLARS.

Bonus Items:

Two foil sachets from Eucerin with their new Urea-based day and night creams.  Urea used to be derived from urine but is now synthetic, darn it.  I use urea cream on my feet and it's great, but I'm not stoked to put it on my face.

A foil sachet of a Crabtree & Evelyn hand lotion (Eucalyptus and Sage).  Odd that they say a full-size tube will be included in a future box.  The value of the lotion is eight dollars- I'd be better off just buying it myself.  Also not excited for hands that smell like eucalyptus and sage.

And a WTF item- a Glossybox cupcake kit.  Branded paper cups and toothpicks with GB logo flags.  I want to poke myself in the eye with the toothpicks.
I'm so glad this is my last box!  I'll be trying out and BB5 next month, and the combined cost of both boxes is only $1 more than Glossybox.  Au revoir!

  wow, I thought the lipgloss was only go to those who had tye mosts glossydots. I guess they decided that was a bad pr move after some customers started complaining. They should give everyone the gloss and it looks like they did. So points there. I haven't tried essence yet but I don't plan to. The cupcake stuff is kinda cute.
My last box was december and I've been watching how they are recovering from a horrible start to 2013.

Some of the Essence line is fine- the nail polish I have is made in France-I have one of the old style bottles and the 2 new ones I have also are made in France.

I also have their Coverstick "abdeckstift", the sticker on it says Cosnova. frankfurt.

-so I think that might be from poland or Germany.

but most of the line seems to be made in China or "PROC" LOL,

I'm not sure all Chinese makeup is bad- Smashbox has a lot of makeup made in China...was surprised to learn that.

*Interesting the Givenchy gloss looks old and you can not find that shade?

I know I have seen fake OPI for sale online on some deal sites last year and there is fakes of almost everything thesedays.
I do not know anything about the Givenchy makeup line, but if the gloss looks like it has been sitting somewhere I'd be curious as to how old it is?? anyone going to contact Givenchy about the gloss?

I'm trying not to be too negative, but with my previous Glossy experience....kind of hard to do that!

Well, about 3 weeks ago I received a letter from Revlon's head office.

They actually wrote me to say they have never sent Glossybox Canada any samples

The letter states "thank you for your recent contact" and so on. then:

"Revlon Canada does not partner with nor do we contribute to the Glossybox program. We ask that you follow up directly with Glossybox on any issues or questions relating to this offer"

The letter came all the way from the US, so I guess they had to look into this.


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