God answered my f21 prayers

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Feb 18, 2007
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What a coinsidence? 3 weeks into me being in canada, I go on my daily f21.com binge where I add everything to my wishlist, and I see a banner saying forever21.com soon coming to canada. My prayers have been answered, i've been cranky not being able to order from f21 since coming here. It almost made me stay in the states. Yipee!!!

I know what you mean... I have a f21 right near me and love it, but i also love H&M. The closest H&M is 2 hours away. It sucks when you can't go to your favorite store.

Glad you're getting one!

That's so cool Mindy! I'm happy for you. I'd love to order from Forever21, but it sucks that they don't ship internationally. I have many H&M stores in my city...but it's not the same. I've gotten tired of bying most of my clothes from there.

How exciting! I heard VS is coming to my mall! Now I don't have to drive 2 hours to get there. B )

Hopefully I get a Forever 21 and a Charlotte Russe too!

I'm waiting for ours to open up - it's been almost a damn year now. I dunno why they're taking forever... the store is already built. Just shove the friggin' clothes rack in there. Duh!

But we have one about 15/20 min drive away. But our local mall is just 5 mins away... um, hell yeah.

Have you had any luck finding some stores similar to F21, Mindy?

Theres a ton of cute stores here but theyre all friken expensive celly, and not much better quality than f21. so i have a hard time going from under 20 dollar shirts to 20+ shirts esp with my limited funds.

I know you're happy!! You know something stranger than that though? I do the same exact thing! I'm actually going back and forth between the F21 site and MUT!
You go girl!

GOD usually doesnt answer clothes prayers but lemmie assure you u had luck on your side now maybe u can shop for me?

Great news MindySue. We just got a F21 (XXI) in Toronto this year. It's 2 levels but not as big as the one in NYC. That one was so ridiculously huge. I still prefer shopping at F21 in the US.

mindy that is so cool. I know how much you missed that place since your move! now you can stay there forever

We got a forever 21 here right by me and its awesome. I have to agree though, its a totally different feel when your in a forever 21 store in the states!!!!!!!


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