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Mar 17, 2005
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So next weekend I am going for my very first facial. My husband got me a gift certificate at a local spa / salon for a few spa treatments. So I am going to have a facial, maybe a massage...or else save the rest of the certificate and just get another facial a few months from now.

Anyway, besides the obvious cleaning, what exactly should I expect from my first facial? Will my skin be irritated afterwards? I guess I should leave my contact lenses off and wear my glasses just in case something gets in my eyes.

Oh lucky you! I can't help coz i've never been for a real facial!! I'm sure lots of the girls will be able to help you out though.


Amethyst, I'm green with envy. Sounds fun to me. I'm of no help though. I've never had a facial or a massage. I would love to though and I think I see it in my future!

Originally Posted by Jen and I think I see it in my future!
Jen i am PMSL at that comment! I think i see it in my future too
You shouldn't wear your contacts. They usually do some kind of facial massage and if they know what they're doing they gently massage around the eye area too. If they do any extractions, then you might be a little irritated afterwards or you may break out a little more. Don't worry! It'll be fine in a day or two. That always happens to me, that's why I never get a facial right before a big event. I always do it a few days before.

They'll probably try to sell you the stuff they use on you. If you're happy with your skincare regime, you DO NOT HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING! I get facials every month and have been doing so for almost 7 years now! I've had all kinds of them done, so if you have any more questions from a customer stand point...ask away!

Thanks for the advice everyone! I suppose when I get there - I have to ask which kinds of facials they have to choose from. Since I'm 43 and my skin is a combination of dry in areas and oily in the T-zone, with very few wrinkles, what kind of facial should I ask for? A deep cleansing? Moisturizing? Any other? I have some blackheads in the chin and nostril area that I would love to have professionally cleaned.

Hi Amethyst! I have had only 2 facials, and they were very different. The first was at a regular "small time" salon in my town. It was mainly a hair salon. The facial was relaxing and very nice, but looking back it was lacking in a lot of things. I wasn't asked about my skin type or issues. No extractions or deep exfoliation was done (I needed it--believe me). But at the time I enjoyed it. Go forward a couple of years, and I had a facial done at an esthetician's. I was asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about my skin type, issues, habits, health history, expectations, likes and dislikes...it was VERY thorough! The facial itself can't even be compared with the first one, it was like another world. This was professional! 90 minutes of bliss...reflexology and an upper-body massage along with the facial stuff. Anyway, I did have extractions done and it hurt! I was very red and blothchy when I left, and I did break out rather badly in the days that followed. That was a big bummer for me. What I'm hearing now is that it's a myth that you should expect to break out after a facial. The Dermalogica line was used on me, the facialist described each product but didn't push me to buy, which was nice. I couldn't have afforded any of them and having to awkwardly decline would've ruined my relaxed mood!

So, I'm thinking you shouldn't have to ask for a particular kind of facial, other than "basic", "deluxe" or "ultimate" meaning how many things do you want them to do? The esthetician should get to know your skin's needs then choose products based on that. I'm sure you'll be steered towards the most appropriate regimen. Have fun!

Don't wear the contacts--mine end up practically glued to my eyes b/c I sometimes fall asleep.

I'd talk to the facialist & explain to her about your skin type & your concerns before she starts anything. If you just want a basic facial, she'll be able to do that, but if you want a specialized type, she'll explain to you what'll be done & if there's an additional fee. Some include special masks, aromatherapy or deep cleansing. For the most part, however, you should be fine w/a basic.

Extractions are a general rule of thumb, but if you have any major congestion, you might find your skin a little inflamed when you're done. My last facial only required a small amount of extractions, but I once had a deeply clogged pore which took some effort to remove, but went infection/irratation free b/c she was well-trained & gentle.


Ok, so I went for my facial and I loved it. The only things I didn't like about it was that the products she used on my face were scented - kind of floral-ish and I'm not a floral-scented product lover. Anyway, she put all kinds of stuff on my face (my eyes were covered) and then at one point, she steamed my face and left me in the room while this went on. I was getting a wee bit jittery because the steam was thisclose to my face and even though I wasn't sweating or anything, I would have pushed it further away from my face if I could. I was too chicken to open my eyes since I was getting blasted with steam. Then came more creams and then a "search and destroy" mission
to clean out my black heads, most of which was on and around my nostrils and chin. Some of that hurt / pinched. She apologized and said that I had a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin. Then came a toner and some other creams. When I finally left my face a little bit red but my t-zone was totally blackhead free! (I can't believe I still get these at the age of 43!).

The next day I didn't want to put any makeup on because my skin felt so clean, but I had to go somewhere so I did and my skin looked great.

Hmmm, I could get used to this lifestyle

I wouldn't wear contacts. They will massage around your eye area and all over your face. You'll be so relaxed that you may fall asleep. You may get some minor irritations but it goes away. Mainly it could be from the circulation that wakes up and gives you a clean, fresh look. Relax and enjoy!

I remember getting facials all the time when I was in cosmetology school, like 16 years ago. We would practice on each other all the time. It was fun and best of all free. There was this one women, who treated me like her daughter, that was going to school with me. She wanted to specialize in skin care so she would always use me as her model. She would do regular and European facials. I would always ask her why she would use me b/c I have clear skin. I never had acne problems till this day. She told me it was nice to work on someone that didn't really need it to be able to improve her skills. I miss those times. I could get a facial every week!

LUCKY!!! I soooo wnt a facial, microdermabrasion, and peel done. not at the same time though. lol. I just don't know where to go because i want to go to a dermatologist.