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Dec 17, 2012
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Hi can anyone help me I have been dying my hair for years all diff colours but for the past so many years I have been dying it black I now want to go lighter not sure what colour yet but deffo lighter. I don't really want to pay a salon price so was wondering if anyone knew how I could get it lighter without it costing to much. Iv been into superdrug and seen hair dyes that are ment to strip your hair do these work?? Thanks

Yes, there are products to strip your hair color and they do work, although stripping the black may be a process. Whatever you choose, I probably wouldn't try bleach. It will fry your hair and might not strip it evenly. Hot oil treatments, anti dandruff shampoos and toning shampoos are a good place to start. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Thank u. If I used them how long would u think it would take to strip it as I wanrt it doin asap

I'm not sure, as I've never stripped a total black shade out of my hair. I think it may be gradual, over weeks. But, you might be able to strip it down to a brown shade that you can put a lighter color over. I don't recommend bleach because my friend tried a toner over a week, followed by bleach and had white yellow roots and peachy orange hair lol. I know Sally's offers several toning kits or products to strip color. Just remember to deep condition weekly, maybe 2x, to try and retain some moisture. How soon are you trying to see a dramatic change?


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