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Feb 28, 2007
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I'm currently lemming Benefit's 24K Sexy Gold Lip Gloss but I've never worn gold on my lips before.Does it look better on tanned or pale skin and should I keep the eyes and cheeks more subtle?What colors would go best with it ( e/s, blush, bronzer)?

I have one too, and I agree it looks great with a bronzed look. You can apply some bronzer and maybe do a neutral eye or a smokey brown eye. You can also layer it over another lippie to give it golden sheen.

yes a bronzed look works better. i like to do a slightly smokey bronzed eye, and keep it very neutral about the cheeks, minimal blush.

I love golds alone or over a different color. I am chocolate complexioned.

A sheer gold gloss can go with almost everything, I think. I think it would look super fresh with pink cheeks and neutral light colored eyeshadow.

I am very fair and look awful in gold gloss. It has to be peachy to look okay on me. I have tried the Benefit 24k and it didn't work out...hehe.

Looks best on tanned skin with colors that are bronzey. Tan, brown, beige, chocolate etc...

Gold tends to look great as a highlighter in the center of the lip with colors such as Red or Brown.

they have this awsome gold pen lip gloss thing at victoria's secret and its like $12 (i bought that one over the benefit one).

i use the gold gloss over my lipstick and/or my lipgloss.

not a lot though, cause its pretty easy to get carried away. but i love how it gives everything this nice golden warm sheen.


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