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Jun 11, 2005
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I am in love with all things fairy and especially Tinkerbell, so when I saw this collection at Bath & Body Works tonight, I wanted to buy it ALL. It is soooo cute. I will be going back soon and getting a few items.

Anyone else seen it? It is up on their website.

No i havent! I love Tinkerbell. Is it on the website?

It is on the website, i guess ill have to stop by the store. lol

I just checked it out on the website; that is a cute collection! Those would make nice holiday gifts.


I was in B&BW last weekend and didn't see it. I'll go back and if I like it, I'll give it to my niece for Xmas.

I feel like I posted this a while ago but I just might be losin' it... I have one Goldie lip plump -- it's from the Alice in Wonderland collection. It's very minty... not too moisturizing so I rarely use it but it's pretty, the color I have is called White Rabbit. It's like a frosty white.


i saw this line this spring when i went into a bbw store in chicago (the store was huge).

and i was totally in aww on how adorable the packaging was.


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