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Jan 20, 2007
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Off to New Orleans in the morning to help my son move the rest of his things,well whats left of them.It seems two of his roomies at the other apt where he is paid up on rent got into a horrible fight and destroyed alot of my son's property.I'm really dreading it,but I am happy to see my son again.

oh my.. that really sux about his stuff!

Good luck with everything! and enjoy the time with your son

Nice roommates! But, glad you get to spend some time with your son! Have fun in the Big Easy!
It will be good to see him again. He is 24 but still my baby. I'm going to take some photos in NOLA...some prob wont be good,(katrina) I want to see the contrast of the neighborhoods compared to the Quarter.

I am glad that you will be spending quality time with your son. I would love to see pictures!

That really stinks about his stuff.. But, hopefully the move will go smoothly!! Have a good time w/ your son!

Got back Wednesday very late.The move took 4 and a half hours to load the truck,but only an hour to unload. His things were not destroyed as we were told but a wireless card and a very nice vase were gone. I didnt get to take any photos
I was just too busy and tired.....all is well for now though.Thank you all for your replies.


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