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Feb 17, 2007
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I think "Wider chest" and thicker skin is needed for a lot of issues in the world.

i will wait for my photoshop pic get done and i m gone for good.

goodbye y'all

Whats wrong? Why are you leaving? Something bad happen? Please dont leave and dont explain why you left.

is this because of what happened in the dtb forum? if so, don't leave because of that!

Originally Posted by sweetnsexy6953 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I just read it all and some of things that were said got a lil out of hand. Again, as Aprill said in the D2B thread, you guys are only reading the parts that didn't have to be deleted.

HERE are the rules, plain and simple. Being (edit, not necessarily racist), rude and crude is not allowed and the stuff in that thread you all are referring to was deleted, you DO NOT know the whole story, you all can feel free to pm her with the rest, MUT administration and its decisions will not be put on the spot, Savvy you were told more than once to contact the staff and stop posting these threads basically bashing whoever contacts you. The rules are simple, everyone else has no problem following the rules, Michal also has a language barrier and never posts anything offensive. With that , this thread is closed, gossip and talk about me and whoever else via pm and have a good night.

No one is asking you to leave, you are a grown woman that is your decision, you choose to do so, sorry to see you go.


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