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Nov 29, 2004
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I am a total klutz when it comes to eyeliner. Especially on my upper lid. What are some good liners to use for people who aren't such expert makeup artists?

Although eyeliner is really easy for me, I find kohls to be really easy to use.

My faves are MAC Eye Kohls and Jordana Color XTend e/l.


Bobbi Brown Gel Liners are great but only if you have the right brush. i use a push brush so application is much easier.

as far as pencils go, i love Armani b/c they're the softest i've tried. found one by Jordana called Skinny Liner, but it bled after 2 hours.

I like Kohls the best too.. I've tried using liquid liner but i can never get a straight line. I've had some disasters trying to use it! I'm sticking to MAC Kohl liner's for now but i don't think they last very long. I usually apply mine twice a day

I like pencils too - Usually I use the kind that twist up (no sharpeners needed) or the "cooling smooth" ones in pencils - Maybelline & Covergirl have good ones. I also like the cream eyeliner by Smashbox. They go on really well.


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