Gossip Columnists Ban Paris Hilton

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May 3, 2004
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Gossip Columnists Ban Paris Hilton

Only by curing cancer can the hotel heiress regain her boldface status

By Michael Slezak, Entertainment Weekly

You'd think Paris Hilton would be a gossip columnists dream come true, what with her stormy love life, hard-partying ways, and penchant for flashing her skivvies (or lack thereof) to the paparazzi. Well, think again.

'New York Daily News scribe Lloyd Grove, who pens the papers "Lowdown" column, recently made it his New Years resolution to never again mention Hilton in print — unless she "wins the Nobel Peace Prize, launches herself into outer space — or even gets her high school diploma." Grove cited Hilton's lack of "any discernible talent, education, scruples, modesty or underpants" as the reason behind his vow.

'Not one to be outdone, Village Voice's Michael Musto has followed suit. In his "La Dolce Musto" column published today, Musto pledges solidarity with Grove, and then takes it a step further, banning the P-word "even if she cures cancer. Im willing to take crazy chances like that," he writes.

'Whether or not Grove and Musto can keep their word remains to be seen. With a new season of Hiltons reality series, The Simple Life: Interns, premiering Jan. 26 —, the model-author-aspiring singer will certainly be making the publicity rounds. Maybe she can circumvent the columnists' ouster by changing her name. The Socialite Formerly Known as Paris anyone?

LMAO! Wish they'd do that for the Beckhams over here in Europe too!

I read Grove's "declaration of independence" & was ROFLMAO. I hope he can stay true to his words, especially since he admitted he helped "promote" her infamy.

As for Musto, I hope he also manages to stay true to his words. He & other columnists helped create the monster she is today. By not talking about her, others may follow suit & possibly start her demise.


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