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Jan 1, 1970
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My friend is learning how to do gel nails (today she did with french manicure also), and she asked me to be a guinea pig. I've never had this long nails before, I'm still getting used to it. Just typing on the computer feels different, and lots of other small things. But I think it looks very nice, what do you think?

Congradulations. Tried typing with your finger pad and not the tip of the nail. By typing with the Nail with the gel on it, it wll make it weaker.

When I was nail artist I started out using my family and friends too.

Tell your friend to check out nailpro to keep up with all the stuff that is going on.

I've been wanting to try Gels for some time, but haven't gotten around to it. Some friends swear by them and I hear they are much better for you than acrylics.

Nice!!! You're better than me I had gel nails a month ago and I couldn't stand them! I couldn't type or play sports, I ended up wasting $100 on nails I kept for a week! But they look awesome on you!!! XxX

They look great on you! I loved gel nails (although I'm all natural now) when I used to wear them. But when I got them done professionally, I got tired of wasting so much money on just having them "filled in". Gel nails always look so much more natural then acrylics and your friend did a great job proving my point with that. LOL.
Very good for a beginner!

Mine are done by a lady whos done acrylics and gels for 9 years

Originally Posted by Lyndebe /img/forum/go_quote.gif So what is the difference between gels and acrylics?? Both are acrylics but the molecular structure is a little different. Gels a cured under UV light. Do a search on the web, you'll get heaps of info.I like gel for my nails as they feel a little more natural just like a shinny top coat. I think it depends on how hard you are on your nails, everyones different, gel just suites me.

they look great! a lot more natural looking than regular old acrylics & better for your nails too!

i've been wanting to try them for the longest time.