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Hi Vivajenno,

Welcome to MakeupTalk! Glad to have you here. We love having more Clarifying product enthusiasts and are happy that you've joined!

You might not have been aware of the spam rules outlined in the registration section. It is considered "spamming" to promote other web sites with referral links. Chances are that you have overlooked this or did not fully understand it.images/smilies2/icon_redface.gif NO big deal! I have edited your post so that it does not have the promotional link. We want you on board, but need to be sensitive to the spam issue. Kindly review our rules here

Once again, thank you for joining MakeupTalk. We look forward to your posts.



P.S. You can post a promotional link in your signature. Just go to "edit my profile" and type it the way that you'd like the message to be displayed on your posts.


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