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Jan 17, 2007
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Hi All!

Interior Decorating and just working with my tools is a passion for me and I am at it again with re-decorating my room.

I already have a floor plan drawn out (yes I go all out floor plans, space plans, fabrics, etc - I even have the pink tool belt and a pink tool kit which I think every woman should have) and I just need recommendations for good places to buy furniture, specifically cabinetry/organization/closet type furniture.

I've already seen the stuff at Target and BB&B and they were ok ... but lacks customization and some of them were really cheaply made and are just UNINSPIRING to say the least. I know some other places in my area but they can get quite costly and all have a more antique feeling and that is not what I am going for in my room.

So I am asking here as maybe you guys might now of places that I dont know about that sells affordable and maybe even customizable (such as colors/powder coatings or size) furniture that looks cute and fun.

I dont mind if I have to assemble the furniture myself - because as of right now it seems like I might end up having to go to Home Depot and build my own but I want to see if there are other options - either for me to buy or to just inspire me.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I've always loved Pier 1, Ethan Allen and Crate & Barrel furniture. Rooms-2-Go also have nice things.

Good luck finding stuff.

James and I bought all our furniture either from junk shops or ads in the paper. Some was from relatives who were replacing their stuff.

I love Ikea too. I did find some neat stuff there.

I am checking out all the places you guys posted! They are great! I am getting some great ideas!

Thanks and Keep em comin!

We have a DFO - Designer Furniture Outlet that has really nice stuff.. And when its on clearence!! Great prices.. Tuesday Morning has some nice thing and good prices but you have to check every week because they get in new thing all the time.. We also shop a lot at Aurhause. Which is $$$$ even on sale but my wife loves it.. And locally Levin Furnature... Z-galley has nice thing but can be pricey if not on sale.. TJ Maxx for smaller items..