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Jun 22, 2006
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i wasnt really sure where exactly to post this so i thought this would be the best bet...

i changed my halloween costume from marilyn monroe [which im going as next year...and im still gonna do a look just for fun soon] to a greek goddess

i plan on just using a sheet and making a toga. but i need to find ideas for different makeup looks and hair. i want to do something really fun and creative and crazy with thinking lots of golds and for hair im thinking lots of if any of you ladies have any ideas id love to see them or hear them.

thanks ladies.


Do a soft gold glowing look for yourself. Buy/create leaf stencils (various sizes) and color them in with gold e/s or mac pigment.

Yeah, gold would be cool. Or maybe even a silver "frozen" look? And definitely a leafy green halo thing to wear around your head!

for ideas try whatching old episodes of hercules or xena warrior princess, or troy. You'll get inspiration and buff naked men as a bonus! LOL.

I would say you need a headband. If you search online for greek goddess hair a lot of results come up and you might see something you like.

the leaves sound like a good idea. And gold or silver eyeshadow would look hot. Good luck! I'd love to see your photos when it's done!

tomorrow is the halloween party. so today i have to go out and pick up a few small things for my costume. im going for the gold look and im gonna curl my hair with a tiny curling iron.

Just wanted to say HEY!!! I live in Akron, OH too! lol

Can't wait to see what you come up with!