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Apr 14, 2005
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is the single most greatest thing ever. its the one trisha has and im in LOVE with it. its huge and the most PERFECT color of it. even though its huge im really concidering getting a back up of it because im in love. i also got the cupedon lipliner and its....ehh. the color is perfect for my lips and for that reason i like it but IMO its nothing spectacular. but id probably buy it again because of the color.

That bronzer sounds GREAT!!

its BEYOND great. if you find one BUY ONE!!!!!! omg omg omg im in love. i may marry it

Is this a powder?

I've read great things about the Terracotta bronzer as well. I hear its a must have!! Whats the difference in these 2 shades? Do each suit a different skintone?

Wow thanks for posting that Trisha. I just ordered Laguna and am waiting for it to arrive. Do you apply it all over the face? Or just in areas that the sun would hit. I don't want it to look too much

Originally Posted by Trisha this would be my order of favve bronzers[*]NARS




but i do love Stila Pivotal Sun Shade 1 for a subtle bronzer, but its not powder, it gives the most natural look tho x

I have Stila Sun and I love the texture that's why I asked!! I don't know if here we have Pivotal Sun, but we sure have Pivotal Skin , and I love the texture, it's soo blendable!!:icon_love In fact I'm thinking to buy it!!
You're right it gives a very natural look!! Wish we had and the Pivotal Sun, I would have bought it for the summer, but now the summer is gone!!
sunset celebration is limited edition, right? is it still possible to buy?

is this the one you are talking about?

and is it suitable for lighter skin tones?

its perfect for pale skin~ im as pale as can be. trisha when this runs out is there a guerlian shade thats similar?

i just ran out of my MAC bronzer, and i do need a new one. where can you buy this bronzer?

Originally Posted by Ashley2347 i just ran out of my MAC bronzer, and i do need a new one. where can you buy this bronzer? Ashley I have Stila's Sun #1 and it's gorgeous! It's not shimmery and the texture is soo great with my oily skin!:icon_love Try it!!