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Jan 11, 2012
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I've posted a few times already but never actually introduced myself.

My name is Jenna, I'm 25 and I'm from Oklahoma.

I first found this website while I was researching Birchbox and this was the first site that showed up on google.  I'm pretty much obsessed with makeup and trying out new products so I was super excited to find this site!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you :)


Welcome to Makeuptalk, our beauty community! We are so happy you joined, you will absolutely love it here!

Enjoy your stay!


Welcome Jenna! We're so happy to have you become part of our community

[SIZE=14pt]You've found the prettiest place on the internet! [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt] We are so glad to have you aboard and look forward[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt] to seeing you around the Forums.  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Don’t forget to check out our [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Reviews, [/SIZE]Blog and Articles Sections.  See you around!​
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