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Aug 9, 2006
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Can you guess which rising star's love of cosmetics has translated to a lucrative spokesmodeling deal?

As a teenager, she said, "I have a ridiculous makeup collection. It's totally out of control. Back in New York, I have a kindergarten classroom-sized table covered with cigar boxes full of makeup."

Back in 2001, L'Oreal spokesmodel Scarlett Johansson told Index about her love of makeup. "I have massive amounts of everything," she said. "I have foundations that aren't even my skin tone so I can match my friends' coloring when they come over."


Awesome! Somehow I figured it was her... I think I read Starlett as Scarlett at first LOL! Who is her deal with? L'Oreal?

I think so.

I read the interview where she said that so I knew it was her lol. She also said she had foundations in all the colors for when she made up her friends, how sweet is that?

lol @ having foundations around just to match ur friends..sounds like a natural makeup artist to me!

LOL, I'd wish I'd had friends like that when I was younger.

I think I was the only one of my friends to regularly wear makeup in school.


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