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Sep 20, 2007
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Honestly, I'm just here to get up to date fashion and skincare hints, tips, and pointers from some well informed women. I've been referred to as mildly metrosexual in the past, but I take that as a compliment.

I'm fairly hardcore into fitness, diet and working out so I may be contributing some to that forum when I have time. Looking forward to it.

well this a a good place to be for that info!

welcome and hope to see some posts from you

I just noticed that apparently I cannot view smileys until I have 10 posts. I'll just assume the images are positive.

I love it when guys pay attention to themselves and their health and their appearance. It makes me all warm and fuzzy, lol.

I'm Lori, welcome to MUT!

all my guys are total metro... to the point of tinted lashes (and yes, they are straight as well, well most of them).

but my husband has got to be up there in the metro- maintenance department... so i am a blockful of knowledge...and will DEFINITELY be taking advantage of your fitness knowledge!!!

Hi and welcome to mut! We wouldn't care if you were gay or a crossdresser either, by the way! We have several here.