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Dec 10, 2008
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   could anyone recommend a product or tip to straighten out my hair? I usually blow dry the front and have difficulty making it stay in place and straight. I have tried waxes, gels, pomades and they don't seem to do the trick...thanks!

Have you ever used a flat iron? I have one that is 1/2 inch - perfect for straightening my bangs.

You can find one for about $25 at a drug store.

Always make sure your hair is completly dry before using a flat iron.

Follow up with a tiny drop of serum mixed with gel - gives the hair shine and hold

Flat iron for sure. I don't think any product by itself is good enough by itself to completely straighten your hair (or atleast I haven't found one yet).

I would actually invest in a good flat iron. You can buy a good one for cheap at stores like TJ Maxx. I bought one that retails over $100 for only $30. 

Blow drying with a product like Straight Sexy Hair might help also. I sometimes use this product while I blow dry and it makes straightening easier for me.


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