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Sep 19, 2005
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Okie ladies!im not sure if im posting this under the right thread, pls dont mind lolz!

Just wanna know,what do you think of a guy buying his mum a handbag as her birthday gift?Has ur bf/hubby bought a gift to their mums?

Good son?Dutiful son?Loving perhaps?

Lolz I personally think its kinda sweet but make me ponder as well if a straight guy will do this?or its just not more than a son's love for his mum?

Just wanna know your commentz ladies!

I would hope to think a guy WOULD buy a gift for his mom - even if its at least for her birthday. Straight or Gay!

IMO - if a guy cant love and respect his mother (unless she was totally abusive or something) then he isnt worth my time.

Nothing wrong with a guy straight or gay buying a handbag for his Mum. If his mum doesn't like it and if the guy is smart and keep the recipt she can exchange it. Its not like its for him. A woman would have no hesitation to go into the mens department and buy something for her father,husband, boyfriend or herself.

And it's such a great thing to give! My mom would certainly hate if one of her sons-in-law gave her a toaster or cookware

hmmm, i don't think there's anything wrong with it...maybe he just knows what his mom wants. when there's a special occasion or something, my bf tells me what his mom likes, and sometimes i'd roll my eyes at him. but i think it's nice if your bf cares about his mom. i'd be scared if he doesn't care at all coz the way he treats his mom, is the way he'll be treating his wife somehow.


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